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Takeuchi 19000-47232 - Metric Seal - Wear Ring

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Enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of your hydraulic systems with our top-grade Wear Rings. Designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact within your hydraulic cylinders, these rings serve as durable guides and support the piston and rod.

Key Benefits:

Protection Against Wear: Our wear rings provide a hard-wearing surface that protects the cylinder walls and the piston rod from scoring and abrasion.
Reduced Friction: By maintaining alignment and reducing side loads, these rings facilitate smoother piston movement and lower friction levels.
Extended Cylinder Life: The additional layer of protection ensures that the primary sealing elements are less subjected to damaging forces, thereby extending the overall life of the cylinder.
Operational Efficiency: The stability provided by wear rings contributes to the efficiency of the hydraulic system, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.
Versatile Application: Available in a range of sizes and materials, our wear rings are suitable for different hydraulic applications and can be tailored to meet specific operational demands.

With our Wear Rings, your hydraulic cylinders will operate more efficiently and last longer, safeguarding your machinery's performance and reducing maintenance costs.

Replacement for Takeuchi 19000-47232 - Metric Seal - Wear Ring

(TAK-19000-47232 / TK19000-47232)

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