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Tailift 42551003 - Bearing - Sideshift

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Enhance the lateral movement and precision of your forklift's sideshift mechanism with our top-quality Sideshift Bearings. Specifically crafted to ensure smooth sideshift operation, these bearings are an essential upgrade for optimal forklift functionality.

Key Benefits:

Smooth Operation: Our sideshift bearings facilitate effortless horizontal movement, allowing for precise positioning of loads.
High Durability: Constructed to handle the dynamic stresses of sideshifting, these bearings maintain performance under repetitive use.
Low Maintenance: Engineered for longevity, our bearings reduce the need for frequent servicing, saving time and resources.
Easy Replacement: Designed with compatibility in mind, they can be easily installed, getting your forklift back to peak condition swiftly.
Enhanced Efficiency: By providing reliable and fluid motion, these bearings help optimize the sideshift function, increasing overall operational efficiency.

Invest in our Sideshift Bearings for a smoother, more responsive forklift operation, keeping your material handling processes running seamlessly.

Compatible with Tailift 42551003 - Bearing - Sideshift

(TAI-42551003 / TF42551003)

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