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Taylor 5239-002 - Kit - Seal Kit - Cylinder - Sideshift

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Keep your forklift's sideshift functionality operating smoothly with our Sideshift Cylinder Seal Kits. These kits are specifically designed to provide all the necessary seals to maintain or repair your sideshift cylinders, essential for precise material handling and positioning.

Key Benefits:

Leak-Proof Efficiency: Our seals are crafted for a tight fit, ensuring no loss of hydraulic fluid and maintaining the necessary pressure for smooth sideshift operations.
Enhanced Longevity: The use of premium materials in our seals combats wear and tear, prolonging the life of your sideshift cylinders.
Precise Handling: By maintaining the integrity of the cylinder seals, you ensure accurate and responsive sideshift movements, crucial for efficient material handling.
Customized Solutions: Designed to meet the specific requirements of different forklift models, our kits provide a perfect match for your equipment.
Convenient Repair: Our all-in-one kits simplify the maintenance process, enabling quick servicing and minimizing downtime for your forklift.

Investing in our Sideshift Cylinder Seal Kits means maintaining optimal material handling efficiency and the reliability of your forklift's functionality.

Compatible with Taylor 5239-002 - Kit - Seal Kit - Cylinder - Sideshift

(TAY-5239-002 / TL5239-002)

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