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Taylor 1-1-26-2100 - Hydraulic Cylinder - Sideshift

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Enhance the maneuverability and precision of your forklift with our top-quality Sideshift Cylinders, expertly designed to facilitate lateral movement of the forks.

These cylinders are essential for precise placement of loads, allowing for smooth side-to-side adjustment without the need to move the entire forklift, making them indispensable in confined and high-density storage areas.

Key Features:

Precision Load Alignment: Enables delicate and accurate positioning of loads, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of damage.
Durable Construction: Manufactured with industrial-grade materials to withstand the lateral stresses and provide reliable performance.
Wide Compatibility: Tailored to operate seamlessly with a variety of forklift makes and models.
Simplified Maintenance: Designed for easy access and straightforward servicing to ensure continuous operation.

Incorporate our Sideshift Cylinders into your forklift fleet for improved load handling capabilities and a significant boost in operational productivity.

Replacement for Taylor 1-1-26-2100 - Hydraulic Cylinder - Sideshift

(TAY-1-1-26-2100 / TL1-1-26-2100)

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